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OpenSIPS的相关模块 2024.4月开始提交


OpenSIPS 3.6 philosophy Bits and pieces of the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) topic were part of the previous OpenSIPS release, but this 3.6 fully focused on the IMS part. Considering the traction and need of IMS solutions, the implementation of a consistent and large IMS support in OpenSIPS was a mandatory step in order to answer to the needs of the industry.

The IMS topic is a large one, transcending the SIP protocol and the scope of OpenSIPS. So, the OpenSIPS 3.6 worked out the parts of the IMS ecosystem which are based or related to SIP, of course.


The IMS topic is a very large and complex one. And the goal here was to design and implement an IMS support that is truly able to provide solutions for the industry. So, a quite extensive stage of exploring, understanding and designing on the IMS ecosystem was required in a first stage. This work was undertaken by the IMS OpenSIPS Working Group (IMS OWG), a gathering of people with common inters in IMS, working together to draft, design and implement the IMS support in OpenSIPS. The IMS Working group compiled a Scope Of Work, which helped in laying down the actual requirements. The group decision was to tackle, at this first stage, the CSCF components, together with its interfaces. As results, this translated in work across several module along with the addition of new specialized modules.

AKA digest authentication Present in the S-CSCF, the AKA authentication mechanism (RFC 3310) is implemented by the new AUTH_AKA module. Its complex interaction through the Cx/Dx Diameter interface is provided by the new AKA_AV_DIAMETER module, responsible for fetching and managing the authentication vectors required by AKA.

IPSEC support Present in the P-CSCF

AAA support Presence support SQL operations Launch Darkly Message Queue Miscellaneous but important 简单来说,OpenSIPS 3.6 制定了 IMS 生态系统中基于 SIP 或与 SIP 相关的部分

PROTO_IPSEC - implements IMS IPSec protocol according to TS 33.203 specs, beta






IMS authentication module released IMS_CHARGING IMS charging component module released IMS_DIALOG IMS dialog tracking module released IMS_DIAMETER_SERVER IMS DIAMETER server module released IMS_ICSCF IMS ICSCF component module released IMS_IPSEC_PCSCF IMS IPSEC PCSCF module released IMS_ISC IMS ISC component module released IMS_OCS IMS OCS component module released IMS_QOS IMS Diameter Rx interface between PCSCF and PCRF functions released IMS_REGISTRAR_PCSCF IMS PCSCF registrar module released IMS_REGISTRAR_SCSCF IMS SCSCF registrar module released IMS_USRLOC_PCSCF IMS PCSCF usrloc module released IMS_USRLOC_SCSCF IMS SCSCF usrloc module released 图片






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