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tags:FreeSWITCH reinvite 创建时间:2015-09-06 23:12:20


Tells FreeSWITCH to accept/ignore re-INVITEs from remote end.


Don't allow any re-INVITEs once bridged.

<action application="set" data="sip_ignore_reinvites=true"></action>


 Same as bypass_media but will handle media for a call until it has reached the answered state (and has processed a few RTP frames.) At this point FreeSWITCH will use a ReInvite to take itself out of the media path. This helps reduce audio latency and take some load off FreeSWITCH. Especially useful for UACs behind Coned NAT as it gives RTP Auto-Adjust enough time to determine the correct ports to avoid one-way audio.

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